about me

I'm Whitney Arlene Crispell, and I'm an artist, maker, and activist living in Buffalo, New York. I live in an old house with my husband and two daughters.

Artist. Writing and photography are my preferred and most practiced mediums, although I will occasionally have an affair with something totally different, like painting or drawing.

Maker. I love making things by hand, especially every day objects. Lately I've been working with textiles and spend much of my free time quilting, sewing items for tiny people, and making useful things for my home out of fabric. I am interested in natural dyeing and at the beginning of what I believe to be a new obsession with indigo and resist dyeing. 

I also make a podcast. I produce the parenting podcast Just a Phase, and co-host it with my friend Drew Ludwig. We cover topics related to our experiences as parents to young kids, and invite other parents on to talk with us about their own. 

Activist. I care deeply about making my community better, brighter, and more just. As a private citizen and professional I have been active in local and state politics, the reproductive rights movement, and many efforts for social, economic, and racial justice. Recently I have been inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and have been working with my local SURJ chapter to stand up to white supremacy in my community. 

Photo by Lindsey Robinson Photography

Photo by Lindsey Robinson Photography